Do you Need an Obstetrician in Castlecrag? Visit our Conveniently Located Willoughby Office!

Are you trying to get pregnant or pregnant for the first time? Having a doctor you can trust makes all the difference. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable obstetrician in the suburb of Castlecrag, you’re in luck! Obstetrics Plus is a full-service medical office providing private obstetrician care in Castlecrag and the surrounding suburbs.

Dr. Janet Vaughan is an experienced obstetrician providing supportive and compassionate care to her patients. Her philosophy is to guide you through the entire pregnancy process, taking the time required to formulate a birth plan that’s right for you. Starting with a very thorough initial appointment that explores your complete medical history, she offers personalised healthcare. Her unique approach supports you to make the healthiest possible choices for your pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby.

At Obstetrics Plus, we make things convenient for you by providing on-site ultrasounds and consultations. This means that you will never have to travel to a different office to see how your baby is doing. Also, the ultrasounds are reviewed and often performed by Dr. Vaughan herself, so you know you’re getting sound advice and information. Our exam and consult rooms project a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

With a conveniently located office near Castlecrag, free parking nearby and on-site ultrasounds, there’s never been a better time to contact us. Call us on 02 9958 2100 or complete the online maternity registration form today. We are excited to meet you!