Searching for a Gynaecologist in Willoughby, St. Leonards, or North Shore? Obstetrics Plus Offers High Risk Specialisation and Support.

An unfortunate truth governs obstetrics – miracles aren’t easy. Childbirth is a process as common as it is complicated, and women find themselves faced with endless physical, chemical, and …read more.

Need a High Risk Obstetrician in Willoughby, St. Leonards, or North Shore? Obstetrics Plus Delivers Premium Care.

Superior prenatal care and dedicated postnatal support – these are what define an expectant mother’s thoughts. She seeks the best available services for …read more.

Looking for a Private Maternity Hospital in North Shore? Obstetrics Plus Offers Access to Premium Health Facilities.

Superior care demands a superior setting. This is why Obstetrics Plus is proud to partner with North Shore Private Hospital, providing our patients with access to world-class technologies …read more.

Looking for an Obstetrician in Willoughby, St. Leonards, or North Shore? Obstetrics Plus Helps Mothers-To-Be Stay Worry-Free!

With all pregnancies there are equal measures of joy and anxiety. The impending arrival of a child is to be celebrated. The birthing process, however, can often prove difficult – especially for those at …read more.

Trying to Find a Female Gynaecologist in Willoughby, St. Leonards, or North Shore? Contact Obstetrics Plus!

Pregnancy is defined by endless questions. Expectant mothers crave information as much as proper nutrition, striving always to provide their children with the best available care. To do this they know to …read more.

Find a Gynaecologist near Artarmon Who Offers Antenatal Classes

Are you looking for a gynaecologist near Artarmon who provides antenatal classes for their patients? At Obstetrics Plus, we have you covered. We offer antenatal classes to help you and your partner prepare not only for labour and …read more .

Gynaecologist in Castlecrag Offers Pre and Post Natal Classes

If you’re pregnant, you are probably elated. You may also be seeking a Gynaecologist in Castlecrag, and you’ve come to the right place. Conveniently located in Willoughby, Dr. Janet Vaughn at Obstetrics Plus provides gynaecology …read more .

Female Gynaecologist provides Residents of Chatswood with on Site Ultrasounds and Childbirth Classes

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such an exciting time in your life, and there is probably a lot going through your mind, such as finding a qualified Gynaecologist. If you’re looking for a Gynaecologist in Chatswood, you’ve come …read more .

What to Look for in Your Gynaecologist in Naremburn

You want the best for your baby, and when you’re pregnant, taking care of your baby means taking care of yourself. One of the best ways to do this is by finding the right gynaecologist near Naremburn, one who will support you in your choices …read more .


Dr. Janet Vaughan – a Northbridge Gynaecologist offering Prenatal Classes and Midwifery

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? During this exciting time, prenatal health care is crucial to the development of your baby. Obstetrics Plus is a private obstetrics office providing a comprehensive care plan for you and …read more .

What Does an Obstetrician or Gynaecologist near St. Leonards Do?

Gynaecology and obstetrics are both studies of the female reproductive system. While in general, gynaecologists also treat women who aren’t pregnant, and obstetricians treat women who are, there is a certain amount of crossover …read more .

Obstetrics Plus – Your High-Risk Obstetrician near Artarmon

When you’re expecting a baby, to say you have a long to-do list is an understatement – and you know that one of the first things to do is find an obstetrician who can provide you with excellent antenatal care and support you …read more .

Pregnant and Worried? Find a High-Risk Obstetrician in Castlecrag

If your baby bump is making a debut, congratulations! Do you find yourself worried about what to expect over the next nine months? We invite you to work with the caring team at Obstetrics Plus. Conveniently located in Willoughby, Dr. …read more .

Experienced Obstetrician offers Chatswood’s High-Risk Pregnancy Patients a Comprehensive Plan

Being pregnant is a very exciting time in a woman’s life. But if it’s your first time being pregnant, or if you have a high-risk pregnancy it can also be a stressful time. Finding an obstetrician in Chatswood who has extensive experience …read more .

What Makes Obstetrics Plus an Outstanding High Risk Obstetrician near Naremburn?

Since 2010, Obstetrics Plus has been providing quality care for women in Willoughby and areas nearby. But we’re more than just convenient for those looking for a high risk obstetrician near Naremburn. We also offer our patients …read more .

When You Might Need a High Risk Obstetrician near Northbridge

A pregnancy is known as “high risk” if the mother or the baby have higher-than-normal chances of encountering health problems during the pregnancy. It can be frightening to hear your pregnancy labelled as “high risk,” but think of it this …read more .

How to Choose an Obstetrician near Artarmon

Maybe this is your first pregnancy, or maybe you’ve just moved to the Artarmon area and are looking for a new doctor. Or perhaps your pregnancy is still in the planning stages, and you want to be prepared by finding your obstetrician ahead …read more .

Do you Need an Obstetrician in Castlecrag? Visit our Conveniently Located Willoughby Office!

Are you trying to get pregnant or pregnant for the first time? Having a doctor you can trust makes all the difference. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable obstetrician in the suburb of Castlecrag, you’re in luck! Obstetrics Plus is a …read more .

Looking for a Private Obstetrician near Chatswood? Call Dr. Janet Vaughan!

Nestled near the suburb of Chatswood and conveniently located close to local bus routes, Obstetrics Plus, provides the caring and personalised care of a dedicated female gynaecologist. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Janet …read more .

Benefits of Ultrasound and Finding an Obstetrician near Naremburn

Ultrasound technology has many uses, and pregnancy is one of the most common. During pregnancy, ultrasound is used for many reasons, such as determining the baby’s due date, discovering the presence of twins or more, ruling out ectopic …read more .

Simplify Your Pregnancy with These Tips and the Right Obstetrician near the North Shore

When you’re pregnant, you may be feeling a lot of things – from happy and excited to worried and nauseous – and one of the things you’re feeling is probably: tired. Your body works hard during pregnancy, and the result is often …read more .

Caring, Dedicated Obstetrician in Northbridge offers Comprehensive Care

Now that you’re expecting a baby, you’re in for a real ride! The next nine months will bring a host of feelings and emotions. You may feel joyful, tired, happy, sad and downright different. You may also feel a bit apprehensive as your …read more .

Local High Risk Obstetrician in Sydney Offers Quality Care

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s normal to feel a variety of emotions, from excitement to apprehension. If you have a history of high risk pregnancies, are a first-time mother or are trying to get pregnant, you are in good hands. The professionals …read more .