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An unfortunate truth governs obstetrics – miracles aren’t easy. Childbirth is a process as common as it is complicated, and women find themselves faced with endless physical, chemical, and emotional changes as a part of that process. These changes – as any gynaecologist would agree – can sometimes result in high-risk situations. Obstetrics Plus specialises in such situations. Our dedicated staff has been carefully trained in prenatal and postnatal care, ensuring that every woman receives the support she deserves. If you are searching for a gynaecologist in North Shore, Willoughby, or St. Leonards, consider our clinic to support you in this time.

Obstetrics Plus: About Us

Since 2010, Obstetrics Plus has served the New South Wales community. Our clinic – which is led by Dr. Janet Vaughn, noted obstetrician and member of both the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the ASUM Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound – delivers superior care. We pair expectant mothers with the best available services and technologies.

Those searching for a high-risk gynaecologist in Willoughby, St. Leonards, or beyond should look no further than Obstetrics Plus. We ensure that every woman receives exceptional support.

What is a High-Risk Pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy, as any gynaecologist in St. Leonards or North Shore would explain, is a situation in which a mother-to-be has a greater chance of experiencing complications before, during, or after childbirth. These complications are due to a variety of factors, including:


Women over 35 (particularly those who have never been pregnant) are at a high-risk for prolonged labour, labour that results in genetic disorders, or pregnancies that cannot be carried to term. This is due to natural changes in the body, which affect nutrient absorption, metabolic intake, and other factors.

Women under the age of 20 are also at a high-risk for labour problems. This is due both to an increased chance of gestational diabetes and a lack of proper healthcare, as many teens do not seek appropriate care until later in their pregnancy.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Women with pre-existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, or thyroid disease may experience difficulties during pregnancy. This is because of the drastic hormonal fluctuations, as well as the body’s response to medication.

Lifestyle Factors

Women who engage in certain activities (such as smoking, drinking, or drug usage) will greatly increase their chances of high-risk pregnancies. Introducing the foetus to harmful substances can impact overall development and physicality. As leading gynaecologists in North Shore, Willoughby, and St. Leonards, Obstetrics Plus understands how to diagnose – and defend against – high-risk pregnancies.

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The dangers of high-risk pregnancies can’t be denied. This is why Obstetrics Plus connects women with the best gynaecologists in St. Leonards, North Shore, and Willoughby. We’re proud to offer essential support throughout the pregnancy process, as well as provide access to crucial services, including on-site ultrasounds, antenatal classes, parenting classes, and more. To learn more about our expertise (and to book an appointment) contact us today!