What Makes Obstetrics Plus an Outstanding High Risk Obstetrician near Naremburn?

 Since 2010, Obstetrics Plus has been providing quality care for women in Willoughby and areas nearby. But we’re more than just convenient for those looking for a high risk obstetrician near Naremburn. We also offer our patients superior care, attention, and support during their pregnancies and beyond. Dr. Janet Vaughan leads the team with years of experience in women’s ultrasound, high risk pregnancy, and more.

When you choose Obstetrics Plus, you’re choosing a caring team of healthcare providers who will work with you to make your pregnancy safe and successful while incorporating your wishes as much as possible. This commitment to patient support and excellent medical care makes this one of the best obstetrics teams in the area.

At Obstetrics Plus, you can receive all the prenatal care you need, from your first meeting all the way through your delivery and postnatal appointments. You can also have an ultrasound done right in the same office – at the same time – as your prenatal appointment. Dr. Vaughan oversees or performs every ultrasound herself, and can interpret the images to ensure your baby is healthy and growing well.

We also offer antenatal classes for parents-to-be, teaching them everything they need to know about labour, delivery, and what to expect during their first weeks as new parents. If you’re looking for a high risk obstetrician near Naremburn, let Obstetrics Plus provide you with exceptional care during your pregnancy by calling 02 9958 2100 to book a meet and greet or an ultrasound (with a referral from your GP) with Dr. Vaughan.