Caring, Dedicated Obstetrician in Northbridge offers Comprehensive Care

Now that you’re expecting a baby, you’re in for a real ride! The next nine months will bring a host of feelings and emotions. You may feel joyful, tired, happy, sad and downright different. You may also feel a bit apprehensive as your body becomes foreign to you. Welcome to the wild and unpredictable adventure known as pregnancy!

At Obstetrics Plus, our goal is to guide you on your journey, with thoughtful and caring support. During this special time in your life, why not work with some of the most dedicated staff in Northbridge? From her conveniently located offices in Willoughby, Dr. Janet Vaughan provides obstetrician care in the nearby suburb of Northbridge.

As one of our patients, you will give birth at the fully equipped North Shore private maternity hospital. Having a maternity hospital ensures that you’re interacting with hospital staff who have experience in pregnancy and know what you may be going through. They can provide consistent and thoughtful care not easily found.

Experience our friendly and nurturing team, and enjoy a full range of antenatal services that will have a positive impact on your pregnancy. We aim to understand fully the needs of pregnant women and pride ourselves with our unique approach and welcome you! With on-site ultrasounds and prenatal classes, Dr. Vaughan is an obstetrician providing Northbridge with superior obstetrics care.

Call us on 02 9958 2100 or complete the online maternity registration form today. We’re looking forward to meeting you!