Looking for an Obstetrician in Willoughby, St. Leonards, or North Shore? Obstetrics Plus Helps Mothers-To-Be Stay Worry-Free!

With all pregnancies there are equal measures of joy and anxiety. The impending arrival of a child is to be celebrated. The birthing process, however, can often prove difficult – especially for those at high-risk for gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and other prenatal conditions. Some women may experience dangerous chemical shifts, resulting in difficult terms.

The possibility of these issues can cause considerable worry, which Obstetrics Plus seeks to alleviate. We offer access to quality, caring obstetricians in Willoughby, St. Leonards, and in North Shore. Our dedicated team strives to provide stress-free care for all mothers. Obstetrics Plus: About Us

Obstetrics Plus was formed in 2010, introducing mothers-to-be to superior service and support. Since then our team – led by Dr. Janet Vaughn, holder of both a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree and Master of Public Health (MPH) degree – has offered a variety of specialised techniques and seminars to New South Wales. We are among the leading obstetricians in North Shore, St. Leonards, and Willoughby because of this commitment to care.

Obstetrics Plus: Our Services

To ease the stress of every expectant mother Obstetrics Plus offers many prenatal and postnatal services. These include:

Obstetrics Bookings

As the premier obstetrician for North Shore, Willoughby, and St. Leonards, Dr. Janet Vaughn brings her patients the best care available. She leads women through every step of the pregnancy process (from gathering extensive medical histories to the eventual deliveries).

Ultrasound Bookings

To better serve the women of New South Wales Obstetrics Plus offers on-site ultrasounds. This allows us to carefully monitor the progress of every pregnancy (we utilise 3D and 4D technology, dating scans, morphology scans, sonohysterogram technology, and more. It also proves convenient for our patients, sparing them to need to drive from office to office.

Antenatal Class Bookings

Pregnancy is a complicated process and can overwhelm mothers-to-be. Antenatal classes can therefore prove essential in preparing women for the days to come. This is why our team of obstetricians in St. Leonards hosts comprehensive courses every six weeks, offering crucial information about labour positioning, pain relief, impending physical changes, and more.

Postnatal Care Bookings

New mothers often experience anxiety, particularly in relation to the feeding of their infants. As leading obstetricians in Willoughby and other areas, including St. Leonards and North Shore, Obstetrics Plus emphasises the importance of postnatal care. We help women transition toward motherhood with classes and in-home consultations, and connect them with the information they need for a successful pregnancy. Through these services we allow women to better understand their bodies and their pregnancies – and that translates to less worry. High-risk situations can be adapted to with ease.

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Obstetrics Plus believes in exceptional care. This is why our team provides key services during and even after the pregnancy process. We ensure that every woman receives the support, service, and comfort she deserves. When seeking an obstetrician in North Shore, Willoughby, or North Shore, contact us!