Looking for a Private Maternity Hospital in North Shore? Obstetrics Plus Offers Access to Premium Health Facilities.

Superior care demands a superior setting. This is why Obstetrics Plus is proud to partner with North Shore Private Hospital, providing our patients with access to world-class technologies and physicians. We ensure that every mother-to-be receives exceptional support.

Obstetrics Plus: About Us

The search for maternity hospitals in North Shore may seem daunting, but Obstetrics Plus has turned that impossibility into a reality, connecting our patients to a community of care. Since 2010 we’ve provided specialised service (both on-site and in the delivery room). Our staff, led by the renowned Dr Janet Vaughn, emphasises experience and compassion. They also want each patient to receive the best available aid. This is why Obstetrics Plus encourages every woman to seek out private hospitals in North Shore.

About North Shore Private Hospital

As part of the Ramsay Health Care family, North Shore Private Hospital offers patients a variety of speciality services (including cardiac surgery, orthopaedics, oncology, and intensive care). It’s also a leading provider of obstetric support. This is why our team is now happy to refer every mother-to-be to its private rooms and wards.

North Shore Private Hospital: Services

As one of the leading maternity hospitals in North Shore, North Shore Private Hospital provides exceptional services. Its childbirth ward – which was established in 1998 – offers seven birthing suites, a special care nursery, a feeding lounge, consultation rooms, a parental lounge, and an education room. All Obstetrics Plus patients experience premium support.

North Shore Private Hospital: Location

When seeking private hospitals in North Shore expectant parents demand more than quality care. They also expect convenient locations. North Shore Private Hospital offers that, with its maternity ward centred in Sydney’s northern corner:

Westbourne Street St Leonards NSW 2065 Australia

The hospital can be quickly accessed by the Pacific Highway, with patients able to then find ample on-site or off-street parking.

North Shore Private Hospital: Booking Recommendations

Obstetrics Plus is pleased to provide our patients with access to the best maternity hospitals in North Shore. We must stress, however, that this particular facility has a limited number of birthing suites: seven. Because of this, all appointments should be scheduled at least 12 weeks in advance to avoid complications. Contact us to learn more about the booking process. We’ll be happy to explain every step.

Choose Sterling Service at North Shore Private Hospital!

Obstetrics Plus provides each patient with specialised care. Through our advanced technologies – which include nuchal translucency scans, morphology scans, early pregnancy assessments, and Chorion Villus samplings (CVS) – we ensure that every mother-to-be receives personalised attention. We combine this with exclusive access to private hospitals in North Shore, Willoughby, and St. Leonard for experiences that are worry-free.

To learn more about our services or to connect with Dr. Janet Vaughn, feel free to contact us today. We’re always available to answer your questions or concerns.